OFMDFM Central Good Relations Fund – Small Grants

Small grants are available of between £100 and £500. Small grants are intended to enable projects and organisations to cover small, normally one-off purchases for purposes which are in line with the funding aims outlined in section 3 above. This will normally entail the submission of one funding claim to the Department. The application process for small grants funding will remain open throughout the year.

Eligibility Criteria: In order to be eligible for funding, your organisation must:

be legally able to operate in Northern Ireland;
be independent, established for charitable purposes, and have a constitution or set of rules defining your aims, objectives and operational procedures;
have a suitable management structure and appropriate financial controls;comply with relevant legislative requirements in respect of employment, health and safety, discrimination and equality of opportunity.

Small grant applications (for amounts less than £500) will be assessed internally by OFMDFM officials. Demand for funding will be competitive and is likely to exceed resources available at this time. Even well designed and worthwhile proposals may be unsuccessful in their application for funds, if competing proposals are judged superior or are considered to have a higher priority.

Open For Funding Throughout 2015/16


Within this call for funding we are not providing funding for: major capital projects; contracted services; competitions; or any activity which is party political in nature. Projects with faith-based/religious outcomes will not be supported. However faith-based/religious organisations may apply for support for projects that meet the objectives of the funding scheme. Applications from individuals, statutory bodies, commercial organisations, academic institutions, trade unions and political parties will not be considered.

The following types of project will generally be excluded from funding under the Central Good Relations Programme:

  • projects whose primary aim is reducing offending among young people;
  • projects that are in receipt of funding under the North Belfast Strategic Good Relations Programme;
  • projects that are in receipt of funding under the Contested Spaces Programme;
  • projects supporting communities to influence policing and community safety issues;
  • projects that aim primarily at reducing offending behaviour in offenders (as distinct from those at risk of offending);
  • projects that aim primarily at alcohol and drug interventions targeting offenders (as distinct from those at risk of offending); and
  • proposals for funding for Rural Community Transport Partnerships that offer a range of complementary services to the public transport network for their members


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New Belfast Community Arts Initiative trading as Community Arts Partnership is a registered charity (XR 36570) and a company limited by guarantee (Northern Ireland NI 37645).Registered with The Charity Commission as New Belfast Community Arts Initiative - NIC105169.