Antrim Borough Arts and Heritage Committee – Small Grants Scheme – ongoing




Funding Guidelines Introduction:

The Antrim Borough Arts & Heritage Committee Small Grants Scheme has been set up to enable arts, heritage, community and special interest groups throughout the Antrim Borough area to enhance existing, and undertake new arts & heritage related activities.

Who is eligible?

  • Arts & heritage groups such as photographic associations or drama clubs
  • Special interest groups such as historical societies
  • Community associations such as residents groups or tenants associations
  • Individual artists and historians who can demonstrate a significant level of professional achievement and are wishing to undertake activities/projects that will clearly benefit the cultural life of the Borough
  • Statutory organisations are not eligible for funding from the Small Grants Scheme

What type of grant is available?

Grants of up to £500 are available. The small grant can represent up to 90% of the total project cost.

What type of project is suitable?

The following are for example only:

  • An arts group could invite a professional practitioner to lead a series of masterclasses
  • A residents group could work with an artist to design an artwork for a community venue
  • A senior citizens group could work with an artist to bring to life stories from the past
  • A youth group could work on a project to enhance costumes/props for a pantomime or performance

Funding Criteria

  • Projects should be small scale with community participation
  • Projects should demonstrate community benefit, support and appeal
  • Grants can be used in conjunction with other appropriate funding schemes
  • Grants will not normally be given for revenue costs such as rent or organisational overheads
  • Grants are designed to support one-off projects, successful applications will not automatically lead to repeat funding
  • Grants are not available for expenditure on facilities or hospitality
  • Retrospective funding is not available

For more information see link below

Antrim arts and heritage Small Grants Form

artist forms link
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