PRS for Music Foundation – funding streams – ongoing

The PRS mission is to stimulate and support the creation and performance of new music throughout the UK and to ensure that this music is enjoyed by a wide audience. Over the past 10 years PRS has proved to be a significant force in supporting pioneering musical activity.



Since March 2000 PRS has supported over 4,600 new music initiatives to the tune of over £19.5 million. The organisation does this through open grant schemes which are available to musicians and organisations four times per year and partnership programmes which PRS leads in response to specific needs and gaps in funding.

Because of this specialist knowledge of the music sector, PRS’ support is seen as an indication of quality and innovation.PRS is also proud to be widely respected as an approachable, adventurous, and straightforward organisation and to have established a strong track record as funder of a broad range of activity – from unsigned band showcases and professional development programmes to music commissions and composer residencies.


PRS for Music had been supporting new music since 1953 by reacting to applications for support as and when they arrived. In the late 60s, PRS for Music was receiving so many applications that it set up a Donations and Awards Committee which, by the late 90’s, was distributing about 1/4 million pounds per year.

In 1999, as part of its drive for greater accuracy and efficiency in royalty distributions to members, the PRS for Music Board charged a taskforce of PRS for Music staff and Board members to determine the best way of consolidating and continuing its support for new music in the UK. Their research resulted in the launch of an independent charitable foundation for new music of any genre: PRS for Music Foundation which now receives £1.5m per year from PRS for Music.

PRS gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of the PRS for Music Board and membership.  For more information about PRS for Music Funding Streams please visit

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