‘All Names Known’ – City Cemetery Tour – register by 19 Jul

CAP has had to postpone the date for the Belfast City Cemetery tour due to a programming issue which has transpired. It has been changed to SATURDAY 23RD JULY, 12.30pm meet up and the tour will commence 1.00pm sharp.

‘All Names Known’ group is having a Walking Tour of the Belfast City Cemetery on Saturday 23rd July, meeting at the Cemetery gatehouse at 12.30pm with the walk starting at 1pm.

This tour is one of the ideas which was submitted to Belfast City Council as part of the consultation report about the artwork/memorial for the Public Baby Plot in the City Cemetery. This idea was suggested by a participant at one of the paper-making workshops and once mentioned, everybody wanted to go along as they thought it would be an interesting trip. It is now also open to anyone who has been involved in the creative, public consultation and would like to come along.

As stated by the Council, they are working with Carole Kane from Community Arts Partnership to finalise the report, so that they can publish it in a suitable form. They plan to bring the report’s recommendations to their Committee in the coming months, so that they can consider your reflections and suggestions for a fitting tribute and they hope to be in a position to provide an update on the next stage of this process, in early autumn.

You are most welcome to come along to the Walking Cemetery Tour but there are a few guidelines that we need you to follow.

Participants are asked to wear comfortable footwear. Keep an eye on weather conditions so that you can bring an appropriate coat, umbrella and suncream, as needed. Keep in mind that the nature of this experience means that we are likely to be walking around quite a distance and standing about for the most of two hours. You might also like to bring a bottle of water and a couple of energy/ power bars to keep you going. We also encourage people to share cars to arrive at the cemetery, as parking is limited.


Please let us know that you would like to come, either by REGISTERING HERE, or contacting Carole Kane by email: carole@capartscentre.com before the 19th July. Also, get in touch with Carole by email if you have any questions or queries.

“All Names Known” is the creative public consultation which was carried out by the Community Arts Partnership (CAP) for Belfast City Council.

The report’s recommendations are being presented to the Council’s Committee in the coming months, so that they can consider the reflections and suggestions for a fitting tribute. as already stated, Council hopes to be in a position to provide an update on the next stage of this process in early autumn, so please stay in touch with the updates on the Community Arts Partnership’s website and the Face Book page: Memorial for the Baby Plot at Belfast City Council.

This event is supported by Belfast City Council.


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