Good Relations Grant



Purpose of the Grant

Good Relations grant aid is a small grants programme that aims to support the Together Building a United Community Strategy.

This grant is part funded by the Executive Office.

The Together: Building a United Community Strategy (TBUC)

Children and Young People: To continue to improve attitudes amongst our young people and to build a community where they can play a full and active role in building Good Relations.

Our Shared Community: To create a community where division does not restrict the life opportunities of individuals and where all areas are open and accessible to everyone.

Safe Community: To create a community where everyone feels safe in moving around and where life choices are not inhibited by fears around safety.

Cultural Expression: To create a community, which promotes mutual respect and understanding and is strengthened by its diversity and where cultural expression is celebrated and embraced.


  • Contribution to the Good Relations TBUC themes
  • Children and Young People
  • Our Shared Community
  • Safe Community
  • Cultural Expression
  • Contribution to Core Good Relations, addressing sectarianism, racism and prejudice.
  • Ensuring everyone enjoys equality of opportunity and equal treatment (Equity)
  • Encourages mutual understanding and respect for different cultures and traditions (Diversity)
  • Increases cross community contact and cooperation (Interdependence)
  • Level of benefit and participation
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Proactively brings segregated communities together.
  • Promotes shared space and cross community activity.
  • Targeting of Social Inclusion and deprivation must state how your organisation targets areas/groups in deprivation with specific action
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