Co-Incident | MFA Photography Graduate Exhibition – to 15 June

A group of photographers meet in a room on a particular day. Four others, there to teach, come and go. Where their journeys meet defines a plane or a space more than a simple point. It is a space where mutual commitments and interests push and pull at each other, one which stretches and moves over time.

A plane one day, a three dimensional bubble another, it changes week in and week out, as the photographers diverge or consolidate, extending and refining the precise curves of their individual paths. What spaces were explored? What convergences occurred? Where did things intersect or move along parallel paths? How indeed did their chosen form, photography, define the unique nature of this interaction? Explorations of place, from home, memory and family through archives, documentary and poetic imagining.

Examination of perception and identity through re-creation, experimentation and evocative captures. All speaking to photography’s close relationship to humanity’s nature, to its capacity to connect the author and the audience, to expand the space of lived experience through its ability to bring together, for things to co-incide, just as light and time do, when the shutter clicks.
Participating artists:

Mike Bors / Steven Chavez / Kayleigh Corrigan / Niamh Crowley / Lauren Duddy / Trevor F. Ferris /Gianfranco Gallucci / Leeza Kane / Jim Maginn / Brendan Maher / Steve McCullagh / Vincent O’Callaghan / Frankie Quinn / Pauline Rowan / Aoife Shanahan / Edward TM Smyth / Gerard Turnley / Simon Wan / Tommy Weir

Co-incident on Issuu

Ulster University’s Belfast School of Art
Ulster University,
25-51 York Street,
6pm – 9pm

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