How to Unexplode: The Illustrated Life of Patrick Sanders – 17 Sept to 27 Oct

Dates: Monday 17th September to Saturday 27th October 2018
Venue: Riverside Theatre (view map)
Admission: Free.

Patrick Sanders (14 July 1976 – 16 January 2017) – illustrator, performer, artist and activist.

Patrick sought to explore and confront stupidity and prejudice in every sphere of his short life, seeking to use his undoubted skills to educate where possible and lampoon where not.

A gentle radical; his art is incendiary only when strictly necessary. His death by suicide in 2017 robbed the world of a unique voice and an emerging talent who was just beginning to get deserved recognition for his inspired and insightful work.

He spoke out against medieval bigotry and oafishness, and used his exceptional artistic talent to imagine a more enlightened, united Northern Ireland. He was central to the grassroots arts scene, and understood its importance as a breeding ground for protest and political transformation.

This exhibition is just a small selection of his extraordinary body of work, his legacy, and his unique world view. He will be forever missed. But his work shines on.

This exhibition is dedicated to fearlessness, to glorious mischief, to hope and to love.

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