The Vault – Christmas Market – 2 Dec

East Belfast artists host the biggest arts market of the season.

Vault Artist Studios will have over 100 stalls at their festive fair.

Belfast, Northern Ireland:Vault Artist Studios is the home of 99 creatives in East Belfast and this year they are celebrating the festive season with a huge arts and craft market on Sunday 2nd December from 12 until 5pm. This is the first time an arts market of this size and scope has taken place in the city. It is an opportunity to ditch the mass-produced, imported plastic goods marketed on Black Friday in favour of something truly unique, locally produced and handmade, for your friends and family. There has never been as many artists selling their work under one roof here so there really will be something for everyone.

In addition to artists from the studio in East Belfast, Vault Artist Studios has invited artists, crafters, musicians and performers from across Northern Ireland to join them for what will be one of the biggest art markets of the season. As well as live music, hot food, warm Christmas drinks and mulled wine, 100 plus stallholders will be selling fine art, handmade notebooks and pencils, vintage furniture, vinyl records, rope crafts, paintings, books and prints, circus props, tools, t-shirts, and much more. The building will also have a special exhibition of art work in its unique ‘Pink Gallery’.

Rachel Kennedy of EastSide Arts writes that: “Vault Artist Studios has been a very welcome and important addition to the cultural landscape of east Belfast. Their take-over breathed new life into a building that you walked past without a second glance, or if you glanced, would have avoided spending too much time in; turning it into the new cool place to be, full of surprises. The building and its residents formed highlights of our festivals in 2017, bringing us new audiences through imaginative site-specific programming.”

Empty spaces and vacant buildings in cities are an increasing issue with continuing adoption of online retail marketplaces. Many long-term empty properties stay that way for years, even decades. Vault Artist Studios believe they have a model that can help tackle this problem and halt the rate of decay in empty buildings. At the same time the multidisciplinary artist group are able of offer their creativity, skills and expertise to local communities through outreach, workshops, and events.

The Tower Street building is owned by Belfast-based property company, Maple and May. Director, Jon Anderson said: “The purchase of the Tower Street building is good news for those looking at regeneration of the site. Redevelopment of any site takes careful planning and time, we are keen that our plans for the site meets the needs of the community. We wanted to ensure the building was put to good use in the meantime and this partnership with Vault Artist Studios was the perfect solution. Their temporary residency allows them the flexibility they need while ensuring the building continues to be fully functioning, continuing to regenerate the area while we complete our plans”.

This is a family friendly event and is free entry for everyone.

This event is part of a yearlong programme of events and workshops.

Vault Artist Studios is an artist-led, not-for-profit arts charity whose mission is to provide affordable, creative workspaces for artists working across many different artforms and host arts events for the local community to enjoy. They are an active community of visual artists, musicians, writers, urban beekeepers, writers, photographers, videographers, puppeteers, comedians, arts organisers, curators, actors, composers, and theatre makers.

Full list of 99 members:
Aaron Magowan, Adam Turkington, Alana Barton, Ali Fell, Alice Malseed, Amy Connon, Amy Gilfillan, Andrew Melville (Blue Whale), Andrew Moore, Angelique Ross, Anne Quail, Ash Reynolds, Ben,Behzadafshar (Blue Whale), Benen Dillon, Catherine Hart, Cathy Brennan-Bradley, Cathy Scullion, Christina Nelson, Ciaran Devlin-Rushe, Colm Clarke, Conor Lamb, Conor McClure, Daniel Malcolm, Daniel Wilson, Danielle Maccarthy, Darian Barr, David Quinn, Dearbhla Reynolds, Dermot Moynagh, Dragos Musat, Ed Reynolds, Elaine Taylor, Emily McDonagh, Emily McIlwaine, Eoin McGinn (aka EMIC), Esther O’Kelly, Gail O’Brien, Gemma Mae Halligan, Gerry Norman (A Plastic Rose), Hannah Smith, Helen Ashton, Helen Gomez, Jacob Anderson, Jamie Harper, Jasmin Marker, John Baucher, John Macormac (Blue Whale), Jonathan Brennan, Jonny McEwen, Jordan Robb, Joshua Burnside, Julie Kinsella, Kathryn Bannister, Kathryn McShane, Katie Richardson, Kerrie Hanna, Kristi Campbell, Laura Nelson, Leo Boyd, Lesley Wilson, Linda McBurney, Margaret Woods, Marian Noone (aka Friz), Marion Hawkes, Mary Jordan, Mayte Ruiz Cala, Michael McCullagh, Michael O’Halloran (Blue Whale), Mike Smith, Myles McCormack, Neal Campbell, Neil Foster, Neil Hainsworth, Paul Currie, Paul McGuinness, Paul Moore, Peter Brien, Phil Harrison, Ralph Connolly, Raquel Amat Parra, Ray Bonner, Rob Hilken, Rob Ireson, Robin Price, Ross McClean, Ruth Crothers, Ryan MacFarlane, Sally O’Dowd, Sinead O’Neill-Nicholl, Sinead Quinn, Siobhan Kelly, Siobhan McKinley, Stephen Morrissey, Tim Millen, Tonya McMullan, Trisha McNally, Ursula Burns, Wendynicole Keys, Wilhelmina Covington<

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