Story tellers wanted: “Aitch” or “Haitch”?

Ian Templeton is currently doing some research for the Brussels based artists/filmmakers Effi & Amir, who are working on an independent essay-film under the working title ‘Places of Articulation‘, which questions the relationship between voice and identity.

The film will include testimonies (not solely from Northern Ireland) of people who have been confronted by test-like situations, interviews with professionals (speech therapists, linguists, researchers), scientific archive footage and youtube pronunciation tutorials, that will be combined together in a rhythmical and poetic edit.

Ian is looking for people who have a story (and can tell it well) about being directly tested on how their pronunciation of the letter ‘h’ to identify them as Protestant or Catholic, and the consequences.

The artists will be visiting Northern Ireland shortly and would like to meet with potential candidates to have an impression of their story and their capacity to tell it. As this is still the research phase, no filming will take place during this visit and there is no obligation to participate any further.

Contact Ian Templeton at: for more information and to register your interest.

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