PRS International Showcase Fund – ongoing



The International Showcase Fund (ISF) offers vital export support for UK-based artists, bands, songwriters and producers who have been invited to perform or create new music at international showcasing festivals or conferences.

ISF will also support UK-based music creators throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to remain export ready, with grants available to support: virtual performances at international showcases, or performances at UK based showcase events that have an export industry audience.

An ISF Grant can support the following activities:

  • For Artists/Bands: ‘In Real Life’ attendance of international showcase events
  • For Artists/Bands: Virtual attendance and engagement in International Showcase events via live-stream or pre-recorded performances, plus digital conference attendance
  • For Artists/Bands: Virtual or ‘In Real Life’ performance at UK-based events where there is an export focus and a significant international delegation, plus conference attendance
  • For Writer/Producers: ‘In Real Life’ attendance of song-writing camps which are geared towards international collaboration, creative and career progression
  • For Writer/Producers: Virtual attendance at a song-writing camp which is geared towards international collaboration, and creative and career progression.


ISF runs on a rolling monthly deadline due to varying event organiser schedules. Specific deadline dates for key events can be found here.

We recommend you apply for funding soon after being invited to showcase in order to give our panel of industry experts and partners enough time to consider your application to turnaround a decision as quickly as possible.

As a rough guide, our experts consider applications 2-3 months before showcase events take place. While the processing of visas is entirely your responsibility, it can take 3 months for some territories. For this reason, we prefer to receive applications 10-12 weeks prior to the event taking place and must receive applications at least 8 weeks prior to the event taking place.

Decisions are made monthly with decisions sent out to applicants on the 3rd Monday of the following month. For example, an application received in January will receive the outcome of their funding application on or by the 3rd Monday of February.

For International Showcases with a high level of demand such as SXSW, Eurosonic we would expect a longer lead in time for applications. For a further list of eligible events and associated deadlines please click here.

*We are no longer accepting applications for SXSW 2021*

The International Showcase Fund is a partnership between PRS Foundation, Department for International Trade, British Underground, Arts Council England, PPL, Creative Scotland, Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest NI and the Musicians’ Union.

More information and to apply

More information and to apply here

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