Tender: Visioning lands for Nature and Community in the South West of Lough Neagh – closing 25 Jan

Invitation for Quotation: Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership – Visioning lands for Nature and Community in the South West of Lough Neagh


Lough Neagh Partnership Ltd. has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership Programme which aims to address the heritage needs of the Lough and its shoreline on a holistic integrated landscape basis. The Programme will deliver 27 projects that relate directly to the conservation of the Lough’s natural, cultural, and built heritage.

As part of the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership’s Saving Nature programme the partnership wish to commission a suitably qualified individual/artist to draw and deliver an artist’s impressions/ elevations which can be presented to support the project concept to local community.
The tender remit is for two areas:

  1. An Artists impressions of what the landscape could look like after our project has delivered works on the grounds, and – to be delivered by Apr 30th 2019
  2. The development of workshops to engage with the community, resulting in artists impressions of what the community would like to see in the area – through the Saving Nature Project – to be delivered via 5 workshops from April – Sept 2019.

The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership has identified this visioning process as an integral part of our exploration of what could be delivered in this area. The first part of the tender remit will deliver artists impressions of the work described within the Saving Nature project –


Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership recognise that the identification of stakeholders and the collection of first hand community focused data not only provides valuable databases for making management decisions, but the process of engaging people provides an opportunity for community empowerment that conventional development approaches fail to address. The Partnership strongly advocate multi-stakeholder engagement, which formally feeds into the decision-making process, as an essential exercise for, without it, the outcomes of any locally focused heritage conservation programme can be viewed as irrelevant by policy-makers and stakeholders.

The saving nature programme not only aims to contribute to the protection of both cultural and natural heritage landscapes but encourages partners and local communities to recognize that the future of their regions depends on finding synergies between preserving the cultural and natural values and the sustainable management of both.

Saving Nature Around Lough Neagh

Communities and social groups experience place through real and imagined facets, to make sense of the world and the stories told therein. The visualisation methodology we hope to apply to the landscape, and in particular the peatlands, of southwest Lough Neagh will be used to join up the dots of the factual and imaginary that form affective networks of identities, which in turn shape local memory, sense of self, community and sense of the past.

Scope of Work

The primary objective of our overarching Saving Nature project is to restore the peatland habitat and wet grassland for birds, waders and other wildlife that live alongside the people and community, in and around the Lough Neagh shore.

We would like to use the Artist’s impressions to explore and represent the connection the local community has with the surrounding lands and natural heritage. We would like to capture and visually represent the ideas the community have to engage with the site, and use these artists’ impressions to help shape and discover how the community are currently interacting with their landscape and the potential that the landscape has to be developed further in the future.

To apply

Visioning the Landscape for Saving Nature Community Jan 2019 (pdf)
Download the tender details above and then please submit your proposal by email to: Siobhan.Thompson@loughneaghlp.com and mark in the subject field “Visioning lands for Nature and Community in the South West of Lough Neagh” by 12pm on Friday 25th January 2019

Contact: Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership 135a Shore Road, Ballyronan, Magherafelt, Co Derry BT45 6JA
Tel: 028 7941 7941


Deadline for Tender Submissions is 12pm on Friday 25th January 2019

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