Elixir Live Hip-Hop Showcase – 15 Mar

Support from Daz, Rosco Sauce, your host SomeDeadBeat and DJs Elemental & Militant Vinylist plus our regular open mic session & MoonDoggys clothing stall

♫ ♪ GavinDaVinci

Hailing from Tipperary and long on our radar, the man behind the excellent ‘Mr. MAAD the Inventor’ album is known to blow the roof off. Equally impressive and unique in both rhyme style and production, GavinDaVinci is a master of the left field. Rave like energy vibes can be expected in a set sure to have the place rocking as he has done all over the country – serious vibes. New music with Mankyy is imminent, maybe we will get to hear a few bits on the night.

♫ ♪ Hazey

Absolutely killing it. This is the best way to describe the current whirwind that Hazey is tearing up the country with. An essential cog in the ridiculously well oiled Same D4ence machine, he has recently branched out as a solo artist. His recent debut EP Spillin Beans has propelled him to the forefront of Irish hip-hop and his energetic, off the wall style has been highlighted by a recent appearance on 22Live and a starring spot in the Somewhere In Ireland project by Brownsauce from HumansOfTheSesh

♫ ♪ Mankyy

Stylistically lightyears beyond his tender age, over the past few years Mankyy has been stating a consistent claim for Ireland’s top beat maker, never mind best up and comer. With the recent full length instrumental odyssey The Lonesome Planet Man joining the outstanding Character Development EP, Aswell’s Ambiguous & Spekulativ Fiktion’s Effigies his work ethic has blessed the scene with absolute gems in a very small time frame.

♫ ♪ Daz

Daz has been a cornerstone of the hip-hop scene in Belfast for many, many years. As an MC, Producer, DJ and radio personality he has really left a mark. He is the main man down at SkankFM, an invaluable source of airplay for many of the artists that come through the Elixir stage and beyond and while juggling all of the above has an extremely prolific output music wise. Over the years Daz has collaborated with many big names from around the globe, perhaps most notably Big Twins (Infamous Mobb) and Kyza Smirnoff. His recent albums Rich in Faith & The Zone are on all major platforms and we can expect a sequel to his collaborative effort with legend DJ O-One’s ‘Underdogs’ in the not too distant future.

♫ ♪ Rosco Sauce

Elixir has a local veteran on our lineup in the form of Daz, and have matched this with some completely fresh talent in the form of Rosco Sauce. After smashing it at our open mic sessions throughout 2018, Rosco Sauce made quite the name for himself and it was only a matter of time before he made it to an Elixir lineup. With his self produced project ‘Faking Care Of Yourself’ due to drop shortly, it’s a pleasure to welcome Rosco on board for what will be his first official set.

Proceedings on the night will be hosted by 2018 Ulster Final of the All Ireland Poetry Slam winner SomeDeadBeat, who delivers heavy hitting, highly lyrical spoken word performances with pure style.

As always we will have our open mic session & tunes on the night will be handled by our resident Militant Vinylist & guest DJ Elemental. Be sure to also check the Moondoggys stall on the night for the best in local urban fashion.

£6 all night!

Venue: McHugh’s Basement, 29-31 Queen’s Square, Belfast BT1 3FG
Date: Friday 15 March
Time: 21.00pm – 01.30am
Cost: £6
Suitable age: 18+

More info: www.facebook.com/events/1009963625881607/


David Gilmore – dgilmore19@live.co.uk

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