i-Portunus – currently closed

i-Portunus is a short-term pilot project, selected and funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, to trial a mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals. It is managed by a consortium headed by the Goethe-Institut with Institut français, Izolyatsia and Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Between April and September 2019, i-Portunus issued three Calls for Applications, providing support for international mobilities of artists active in the fields of the performing or visual arts and residing in a Creative Europe country (see list opposite). The destination of the mobility had to be a Creative Europe country. These mobilities required a specific and well-defined objective, such as to develop an international collaboration, to engage in a production-oriented residency or in professional development in the destination country.

A first Call for Applications ran from 17th April to May 15th 2019 and resulted in over 1,200 valid applications being received. These were analysed and taken into account for the preparation of the second Call.

The second Call was issued on June 3rd 2019 and closed on June 24th. It resulted in 520 individual applications and 190 group applications covering a total of 1.141 individuals.

The third and final Call for Applications of this pilot programme was launched on August 14th with a deadline on September 5th 2019. It resulted in 450 individual applications and 136 group applications covering a total of 832 individuals.

It was the last of three calls to financially support the mobility of artists and culture professionals of all ages, nationalities, educational qualifications and levels of experience, legally residing in a country participating in the Creative Europe programme choosing a cross-national mobility to a country participating in the Creative Europe programme.

With projects like i-Portunus, the Creative Europe programme of the European Union will be conducting trials on how to best facilitate cross-national mobility for artists. This type of mobility will become a permanent Action under the Creative Europe programme for 2021-2027.

more info: www.i-portunus.eu

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