Spring Fling Open Studios and Island Arts Centre – call out for artists and makers – closing 15 Dec

Together, Spring Fling Open Studios and Island Arts Centre are pleased to present an exhibition for artists and makers taking part in Spring Fling Open Studios in Dumfries and Galloway and those local to the exhibition space in Northern Ireland. This exhibition is open to all Spring Fling 2020 participants and artists and makers living and working in Northern Ireland.

The idea behind the exhibition is to showcase the high quality visual art and craft across the channel in Northern Ireland D&G. Hopefully, this new exhibition opportunity will lead to further career opportunities for those taking part and showcase the open studios weekend to audiences in Northern Ireland.

What is being looked for:

SFOS and IAC are looking for a range of work in various disciplines that will reflect the breadth of practice of Spring Fling participants and Island Arts exhibitors. Work submitted should focus on the theme Across the Sea: The North Channel (information below). For this exhibition we can accept a maximum of 50 works. This will be taken into consideration when reviewing applications.

Work will be selected for the exhibition by both Upland and ISLAND Arts Centre will be based on the criteria below:

  • How relevant submitted work is to the theme of the exhibition Across the Sea: The North Channel
  • How the exhibition works as a whole (insuring a good mix of mediums, sizes and subject matter)

Theme: Across the Sea: The North Channel

The exhibition will look at the coastal connections and crossing between Scotland and Northern Ireland, areas linked by the North Channel. Participating artists and makers from both areas are asked to respond to this theme in any way they wish. As the theme is focused yet quite broad, we hope to receive a range of works that look at different interpretations of the theme.

Participants will be selected based on their proposed artworks and images of similar work and will be asked to submit either new work or work produced in the last 2 years.

What is the North Channel?

The North Channel is a stretch of water separating Scotland and Northern Ireland. The upper boundary is between Benbane Head (NI) and Portnahaven in Islay (25km). The lower boundary is between Donaghadee in Northern Ireland and the Mull of Galloway in Dumfries and Galloway (47km). The North Channel is one of the principal maritime gateways to the UK. Each year, over 1.2 million passengers, 300,000 cars and over 500,000 freight units cross the North Channel. With Belfast port receiving around 60% of Northern Ireland’s seaborne trade.

Over half of Northern Ireland’s wildlife lives in and around the seas of the North Channel, with around 4,000 species being recorded. Western Scotland has over 800 islands, with the seas around them being home to over 5,000 species such as corals, Atlantic salmon, whales and dolphins. Both sides of the channel are of international importance in terms of numbers of breeding seabirds and wintering shorebirds.

The channel is home to famous landmarks such as Ailsa Craig, Rathlin Island and underwater, Beaufort’s Trench. Over the years many people have attempted to swim the channel, with the latest a 6-person relay. The channel has played a great role in emigration, especially from Ireland to Scotland in the 1800s and nowadays it is a major trade and transport route, connecting Ireland with the rest of the UK and further afield. There are even calls for a bridge over the channel.

To apply

To take part in this exhibition, please submit your application no later than Midnight on Sunday 15th December 2019. Applications should be sent to hello@weareupland.com with the subject title Across the Sea: The North Channel Application

Applications should include:

  • Two images of your proposed works for the exhibition* (including dimensions, medium, title, price and dates of work)
  • An outline on why/how these works define your work and your practice and link to the theme
    *If you are planning on producing new work, please outline in your proposal what these will be and submit images which are similar and support these proposed works.

Timeline and Important Dates

Deadline: Midnight on Sunday 15th December 2019
Inventory and final images of works: 5pm on Monday 2nd March 2020
Drop off work: TBC
Exhibition preview: 22 April 2020
Exhibition open: 23 April – 20 May 2020

If you have any queries regarding this opportunity, please contact: joanna@weareupland.com

Deadline for applications is:: Midnight, Sunday 15th December 2019

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