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The Bookshop, situated in the ground floor gallery, is the only independent photography bookshop in Belfast. We sell self-published, limited edition and locally produced titles that cannot be found elsewhere, as well as classic photo books, photography magazines, journals and more.


Ricky Adam
Cost: £30.00

The photographs in this book were taken in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland in a punk D.I.Y. space known as the ‘Warzone Centre’ between 1997 – 2003. After opening in 1984, the ‘Warzone Centre’ became the counter-cultural alternative hub for the greater Belfast area and beyond. It soon became infamous as being one of the most credible venues in Europe for D.I.Y. punk.


Ricky Adam
Cost: £25.00

A travelogue narrated through bodily effluent. A motorway journey described in the call and response of the full bladder. A British road movie – Two Lane Blacktop and Wild At Heart reduced to a trail of piss-filled plastic bottles.


Cost: £12.00

In issue one, we explore the journey undertaken by asylum seekers searching for sanctuary, as well as that of the ordinary citizens living in the towns and communities caught up in the largest mass movement of people to and across Europe since World War II.

PVA 11

Cost: £7.50

PVA 11 focuses on music and contemporary art and will be in the post to our subscribers and in selected bookshops early next week! In the meantime, and in the spirit of the issue, we’ve asked each of our contributors to select a track to accompany their texts, creating a collective playlist to accompany the publication. Stayed tuned! | 028 9023 0965 |

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