The production of art or none during crazy times

This project aims to offer an opportunity to show any kind of creative work being done, planned or dreamed up during these shitty times. Images, project descriptions, videos, art, craft, recipes, gym routines, games, failures…  

As these are difficult times to adjust and cope with these new conditions and restrictions it is even harder to continue any creative work.  There shouldn’t be any expectation to be creative.

During the Corona crisis and the official regulation that non-essential work should be done from home, art production is limited to the available space in the kitchen or living room or the corner of the bedroom- if there is any available space at all. Home-work with all members of a household cramped together, partners, children or housemates, is definitely restrictive.

But what seems to be most difficult for all, not just for artists, is the fear of the illness, the physical distancing and isolation required to protect our self and others and its cruel effects on people who severely suffer under the illness or even die. It’s tough for our mental health.

Add the financial uncertainty many artists live under, being used to gig-or freelance work and having mostly lost their small income, forced to sign on to Universal Credit- if they don’t already live under that scheme, the desperation is even more increased.

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