Tongue – Henry Bradley – to 28 Mar

‘tongue’ shows a trilogy of films that observe and dramatise niche educational programmes and surgical procedures designed to improve English pronunciation and entrepreneurial performance within globalised contemporary work environments.

In the films, speech and behaviour are recognised as bodily sites that can, and must, be adapted in order to perform sufficiently in a climate of expected English language skills and self-employment requirements.

The films use both the conventions of observational cinema and theatre as a way to navigate through the different levels of performance taking place in the subject matter itself.
GLOSSOLALIA, 53m, parallels a method acting class, in which actors are trained to access and utilise their unconscious and irrational nature, alongside an Accent Softening Course for Business, whereby international workers learn the ‘Standard English’ accent so as to help further their careers in the UK.
Rhythming, 34m, updates Harun Farocki’s ‘The Interview’ (1996), re-staging a Small Talk and Storytelling class for entrepreneurs on a specifically built stage in an old East German cotton-mill warehouse.

Frenulum, 4m, dramatises a real-life controversial operation in South Korea, following eight children as they perform imaginary tongue surgery on a member of their group, in order to help them speak phonetic sounds from the English language better.

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