Lockdown Mixes on Homely Planet

As most will be aware, for artists from Ethnic Minority communities to break into the Northern Ireland music scene/circuit it is extra hard.

We have a huge growing database that gives evidence to this with people approaching us regularly. We do what we can to give support through opportunities with some of our projects or facilitating new collaborations. Orchestra des Réfugiés et Amis as an example.

We have just launched an initiative to assist some artists during this difficult time.

They are invited to programme a mix of songs, we broadcast via our internet radio station (Homely Planet) and they are paid.

First has just gone online Tune In: www.beyondskin.net/hp

It has been a growing conversation across the internet of organisations/agencies targeting artists from ethnic minority communities to provide free content online.

We wish that it be noted that Beyond Skin are paying all artists in money/gift for any online facilitation/broadcast/content. We have worked incredibly hard with funders/angel investors and on pay per view systems to enable this.
As music and arts is more than ever lifting spirits and supporting people during this time, it is also important we do not let this moment devalue the arts more.

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