MindHarp Online Workshop with the Inventors – 23 Apr

An online workshop special with this remarkable mindfulness technology and delivery process that enables everyone to make music. In the session you will get a chance to talk with both Mark & Stewart who invented the MindHarp. They will guide you through getting the best out of the app on your iPad or IPhone.

Microsoft & Android users – do not worry we are planning something special for you.

  • Music & Sound Mindfulness Technology.
  • iPad & iPhone users – a very special treat.
  • MindHarp – Meet the Inventors

Date: Thursday 23rd April
Time:: 2.00pm UK time via Zoom
Cost|: £4 / €4 / $4 special price.

Booking: https://mindharp.world/contact-register/#.Xp4aY8hKh1s

For more information about Beyond Skin Online Workshops visit  www.beyondskin.net/online-workshops

Developed by Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath, The MindHarp enables anyone to engage actively in music. Proven over years of testing and development, it is a deeply rewarding and enriching activity and is employed regularly in the field of stress and anxiety. The MindHarp requires no musical technique, background or prior skill. It is completely accessible to all. It is played via a simple interface on an Apple iPAD and iPHONE and can be used anywhere. The player simply touches coloured and numbered pads which trigger very carefully designed and harmonised musical sounds. It is impossible to play a ‘wrong note’

The first version of the technology was developed as a creative activity to engage and stimulate people living with dementia, realising the impact the MIndHarp benefits everyone for nurturing good mental health. The Mindharp combines software and focused workshop & training programmes based in the Codes of Behaviour.

“I have worked with Stewart and Mark over the last year and have witnessed the immediate benefits of using the MindHarp …I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Fabienne Vailes Director – Flourishing Education – author of The Flourishing Student.

“Beyond Skin is at the cutting edge of work using the arts to help tackle complex societal issues that contribute to the burden of mental illness in the UK. This project is a fantastic example of how we can use the expertise of artists to transform the lives of individuals and communities.” Dr Daisy Fancourt, Associate Professor at University College London and Director of the MARCH Network

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland are funding Mindharp activities as part of the ArtsDialogue Health Programme,


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