SOURCE Photographic Review – Issue 96 – Free to access until 5 May

SOURCE Photographic Review has made the digital edition of Issue 96 – PRIVACY: Picturing our inner lives free to access until 5th May.

This was the first issue after SOURCE’s redesign and features portfolios from Rachel Glass, Maurice Hobson and Gillian Wearing, as well as regular columns, interviews and reviews.

Access it via this link

Issue 96 cover

A magazine about photography can encompass many of the most interesting aspects of contemporary life and that is what SOURCE have sought to connect with in renewing its design. You will find new columns about fashion, the afterlife of photographic objects and conversations with photographers, of all varieties, about their experience of the world. SOURCE maintain their commitment to reviewing exhibitions, books and anything else that defines the evolving photographic culture. SOURCE will continue to explore themes – like privacy in this issue – that seem particularly relevant to the current moment. Our attitude to photographs seems to encompass our contradictory feelings about privacy today. We are increasingly intolerant of being photographed in public but ever more willing to expose ourselves in photographs online. This has political, societal and legal consequences that are explored by the interview with Camille Simon and Laura Cunningham’s article on the evolving law of privacy.

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