sur— [infinite Slippage: production of the r ~e ~a ~l as an intensive magnitude starting at zero-eight] —plus | Ima-Abasi Okon – to 22 Aug

Void Gallery are delighted to announce that they will reopen on Tuesday 21st July. Our exhibition by Ima-Abasi Okon – sur— [infinite Slippage: production of the r ~e ~a ~l as an intensive magnitude starting at zero-eight] —plus – will be extended until Saturday 22nd August.

Void Gallery is delighted to present a commission by London and Amsterdam based artist Ima-Abasi Okon in partnership with the Chisenhale Gallery. Okon works with sculpture, sound and video to produce installations that explore exhibition-making as an exercise in syntax, adopting linguistic and grammatical structures within her installations as a way of complicating the construction of knowledge.

For the iteration of the commission, Okon delineates individual aspects of a previous vocabulary of symbols embedded in both hand-made and mass-produced materials, including film to explore representations of the body and the formation of taste, value and excess. A series of industrial air conditioners are adapted to become hosts for a new multi-channel sound piece comprising an existing audio track that has been slowed down. Acting as both a cooling system for the gallery and as a vehicle for the sound work, the fans perform at various speeds and durations.

In another gallery the ceiling has been partially lowered using a standardised modular system, often found within offices, retail spaces, waiting rooms and other administrative environments. The mass-produced ceiling tiles have been smeared with an invisible mixture of morphine, insulin, ultrasound gel and gold, imbuing the otherwise everyday objects with a personal, totemic charge.

Hand-crafted glass light shades, each adorned with an opulent design and filled with palm oil and Courvoisier VS Cognac, hang from the ceiling. With the introduction of these liquids, the lights emit a golden glow, further highlighting an atmospheric friction between Okon’s production processes, pointing to the possibilities of magic as a sculptural act. Okon’s ongoing use of oriented strand board, painted with varnish and framed with ‘exotic woods’ further explore how value is assigned to a given object or material through its categorisation, modes of display and origin.

Through the use of sound, scale and light and film, Okon’s commission makes audible and palpable an excess, or surplus, that is often silenced or not seen and in doing so questions how to represent a body in its absence. Ima-Abasi Okon’s practice across print, sculpture and moving image revolves around a preoccupation with knowledge, its production and the methods which language both regulates and distributes it. The result is work that often deals with how information is performed as an extension of knowledge.

In line with guidance issued by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, we are putting the following health & safety measures in place to ensure the welfare and peace of mind of our visitors and staff.

Please see below for further information and how to plan your visit:

Covid-19 Procedures

Void Gallery is delighted to welcome visitors back from 21st July at 11am. We have implemented a series of safety measures to ensure that you have peace of mind.

How we are planning for your safety:

  • Front-of-house staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Hand sanitisers are situated around the building
  • Regular additional cleaning takes place throughout the building and each day
  • All live events and workshops at the gallery have been moved online

How you can help us to create a safe space for visitors:

  • Limited numbers will be allowed in the space at any one time
  • Visitors will be encouraged to respect social distancing
  • Visitors will be encouraged to wear face masks and are provided if needed
  • We will be unable to take group bookings at this time

Social group bookings accepted in advance – bring friends and family so that you feel secure as you explore the exhibition. Please get in touch with any questions or concerns: or +44 (0)2871 308080.

Void Offsite: The Plinth Commissions

Don’t forget that the materials for Alan Phelan’s Plinth Commission are available to be collected from July 20th from 11am. Alan will be in the gallery and can answer any questions you might have. Please see here for further details.

Please note, if possible email Maeve Butler at to arrange a time to collect the materials.

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