Flowers from the East – John Baucher – 22 Oct to 7 Nov

This exhibition is inspired by a charity shop find of a tourist souvenir album of postcard and pressed flowers entitled “Flowers from the Holy Land” dated 23/12/26. The album has a carved wooden cover and back of either Olive or Walnut. This exhibition will take that idea further by documenting wild flowers growing in the urban environment of East Belfast where John Baucher lives and works (as a member of the Vault Artist Collective). Once documented, the flowers will be then picked and pressed to then be exhibited alongside each other.

It’s Baucher’s intention to create a similar postcard size book to accompany the prints and flowers to be exhibited.

John Baucher lived in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem as a 22 year old, but sadly there are no photographs of that period of his life. For the artist is partly a chance to examine his emotional response to this tourist memento having found it here in Belfast. It is also a statement about the built environment particularly in the area that he lives in close to The Short Strand/Bryson St interface. Furthermore the increasing awareness within the loyalist community to take ownership of their history to provide a “tourist offer” also informs the work. The dichotomy of wild flowers flourishing within the harsh urban environment is a statement of fortitude.

‘Flowers from the East’ will comprise of 12-18 wall mounted prints and flowers and a handmade book comprising 12 scenic views and a matching set of 12 pressed flowers all of which will be in the scenic view.


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