Folly & Diction | Film by Alan Phelan – to 30 Nov

While you cannot experience the current solo exhibition “echoes are always more muted” by Irish artist Alan Phelan in person, due to COVID restrictions, Void (Derry) thought they could bring a little bit of it to you.

Void are publishing the full film Folly & Diction (2020), which forms part of the exhibition by Alan Phelan. John Joly, the inventor of the process, provides the biographical background to the 15-minute film Folly & Diction (2020). Instead of a detailed documentary, the music video format provides the structure with a narrative taken from a Samuel Beckett short story and narration in the form of song lyrics, culled from a poem by Jean Genet. The video tells an oblique story of loss, a forgotten history, and a failed relationship with his collaborator Henry Dixon. It brings Joly’s photographic process into a contemporary sphere with audio responsive animated stripes that pulse to the music and crude video layering that draws on multiple music video tropes.

The film is available on Void Gallery’s website – – and social media @derryvoid on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo.

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