Grayson’s Art Club Season 2 – open for submissions

Grayson’s Art Club is back for another season.

“We want to encourage everyone to express their creativity through art. Art is good for you, whoever you are.”

Submission rules

You can only submit one artwork per theme.

The deadlines for each week’s submissions and themes are below:

  • FAMILY submissions close end of 10th February i.e. midnight as 10th becomes 11th February
  • NATURE submissions close end of 17th February i.e. midnight as 17th becomes 18th February
  • FOOD submissions close end of 24th February i.e. midnight as 24th February becomes 25th February
  • DREAMS submissions close end of 3rd March i.e. midnight as 3rd March becomes 4th March
  • WORK submissions close end of 10th March i.e. midnight as 10th March becomes 11th March
  • TRAVEL submissions close end of 17th March i.e. midnight as 17th March becomes 18th March

Submit your artwork

Submit your artworks via the Grayson’s Art Club website below.

  • Please submit a video (max. 3 minutes long) of yourself talking about your art, and up to three photos of the artwork
  • Please ensure your photos and video are in landscape not portrait format, and label your photos and video with your name and name of the artwork.
  • If you are under 18 you will need a parent/guardian to submit your artwork on your behalf, and provide their phone number and email address.
  • We will accept any type of art including paintings, sculpture, drawings and collages, from amateurs and professionals alike.
  • You must be a resident of the UK.
artist forms link
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