Axis Mundi – A Video Poem By Csilla Toldy Based on her poem “My Head is the Earth”

Axis Mundi A Video Poem By Csilla Toldy

Based on her poem “My Head is the Earth”, written originally in Hungarian, she asked translators from all over the world to translate and recite her poem in their own language. On Spring Equinox, they filmed in Rostrevor Meadow from sunrise to sunset every hour in a 360-degree circle and the Cooley Mountain along Carlingford Lough.

The video can be seen at the link below.

Axis Mundi – A Video Poem By Csilla Toldy

The aim was to create an eco-video-poem raising awareness for environmental pollution and the simple beauty of the landscape we inhabit. The film starts at sunrise at 6.27 am, and as the day progresses, we go through the time zones starting from GMT, around the globe, with the recitals of the poem in different languages corresponding. The combination of the footage and various languages represents the diversity of the planet and in Ireland and the interconnectedness of humans, and our dependency on nature.

The project includes the translation of the poem into 20 different languages. “Axis Mundi” will be launched on Earth Day (22/04/21) at 7.30 pm on YouTube and zoom. The project was commissioned by the Centre for Creative Practices and funded by the Art’s Council of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The English translation of the poem “My Head is the Earth.”

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