Has the artist been paid? – Survey – Closing 30 June

Visual Artists Ireland continue to campaign for better pay for artists. VAI is currently doing some work on our Artist Payment Guidelines, and would like to ask for your help to make them better.

Has the artist been paid? – Take Survey 2021 here

As always, the organisation is working on quite a variety of events and supports so that it is possiblle to broaden the reach and ensure that the work the organisation carries out is both timely and effective.

Part of this is an update to our research into the realities of the Artist Payment Guidelines. VAI’s research here is focussed on you and looks at all of the types of supports that you can or have tried to access so that we can get a real sense of real world experiences.

Although there is daily contact with members and offers of support on a wide range of topics, would like to look at updating the research that first took place in 2011, with updates in 2013 and 2016. This is in the form of a short survey where you are asked to provide VAI with details of your experience of artists payments during 2019 and 2020.

VAI tried to keep it as short as possible, whilst at the same time gathering the information that is fundamental to our advocacy in this area. It is important that you can trust us with the information that we ask you to provide, and with this in mind, all information that you provide will be verified and then fully anonymised before we do the analysis and report on our findings.

The survey will remain open for responses until 30th of June 2021. It would also be a great help to this research if you could assist us in gathering responses by sharing it with other visual artists.

Help share with link: https://forms.gle/n5NXBRL8qcB8Y4r99

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