Surroundings | Latisha Reihill Solo Exhibition at Artcetera Studio – 3 to 12 June

“Surroundings” is a body of work which tells the visual story of the artists experiences of her surroundings from childhood into adulthood. The places are revisited through memory with a new perspective.

“Abstract shapes and colours begin to emerge from the canvas through subconscious memory, resurfacing to life through the movement of the brush strokes. My story often grows into a new dialogue for the reader as it enables them to see things that they remember. Story telling has always been a passion of mine, images in books are the first stories we understand as children, we draw before we can write. I keep this in mind as I’m developing my pieces, trying to comprehend the visual stories around me.

My paintings usually bare personal names of places I have been impacted by, the thought alone lends itself into the painting and the painting becomes an embodiment of an unspoken memory”.

Reihill is a Fermanagh born artist from a multidisciplinary fine art background. Reihill studied Contemporary fine art in Edinburgh before moving to Belfast to study painting at the Belfast School of Art where she graduated with an honors degree. She currently works out of her studio at Blackstaff mill in Belfast where her paintings come to life.

Artcetera Studio, 43b Rosemary Street, Belfast

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