Mediating Signals 01: Tracing Algo-rhythm | Group Show at Flax Art Studios – 29 June to 3 July

Mediating Signals 01_ Tracing Algo-rhythm

With Julie Louise Bacon, Helena Hamilton and Una Walker

Curated by Edy Fung

Flax Art Studios welcomes you to 2045, the world after technological singularity is reached.

We are giving our human and non-human audiences a retrospective of the evolution of interpretants in art exhibitions. We are looking back at the time prior to the proliferation of quantum computers and brain–computer interfaces — when machines could not read our gestures, penetrate our minds and express ideas for us. How did we convey our messages? How was information transmitted?

In the first of the serial exhibition Mediating Signals, “Tracing Algo-rhythm” reflects on the speed and accuracy of machine application since the digital age. Showcasing works by Julie Louise Bacon, Helena Hamilton and Una Walker, the exhibition demonstrates scenarios of the digital trying to understand the physical, how our artificial allies have worked their ways to perfecting its reading upon characteristics and necessities of humanity. Underneath the visual and sonic signals surrounding satellites, database, 3D scanners in this exhibition, the exhibition enables us to imagine and feel information travelling through various times, geographical distances and scales.

Reception 1/7/2021 6-8pm

Venue: Flax Art Studios, Havelock House, Ormeau Road, Belfast
Date: 29 June to 3 July 2021
Time: 12pm-5pm

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