PS² – REISSUE – 30 June to 17 July

REIISUE – Selection of work by BA Hons Fine Art students from University of Ulster’s closed Degree Show

Chloe Brown, Niall Burns, Mya Darragh, Dreambean, Nina Geary, Kate O’Neill, Scott Taylor, Leona Whelan

30 June – 17 July 2021

Like everywhere else, the degree shows at Ulster University  had to be kept behind closed doors. What normally pulls large crowds and is a fixture in the cultural calendar for many- parents, relatives and friends of art students, artists and art lovers, students, art buyers and the curious, plus the free booze tours….Nothing.
This is- and of course we all understand the restrictions- very sad and especially disappointing for the graduating artists, who had a tough year, mostly working from home.

This ad-hoc project will showcase eight artists and open the doors to the public to see what the next generation of creatives does. Reissue shows a personal selection and by no means intends to give a comprehensive overview of the diverse work and subjects of this year’s degree.

One of the central themes – and one which goes to the origins of art making- is the question so directly addressed in DreamBean’s publication: WHO THE FUCK AM I?
A search which centres around the private and personal and expands to the natural and built environment, be it in terms of non-binary gender association, the construction or deconstruction of personal identity as well as our nature and transhuman life. This is visually translated not in speculative ways, but closely linked to personal experiences, feelings and traumata. The setting or places for these searches are the artist’s home, town or surrounding landscape, their immediate environment.

To read more about the showcase and the artists at the PS² website below.

PS² – REISSUE – 30 June to 17 July

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12.00-4.00pm; Late Night Art: 12.00-9.00pm

PS2, Property House, 11 Rosemary Street, Belfast BT1 1QA

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