Concealed in the half-light – 5 Aug to 2 Sept

Concealed in the half-light disrupts the idea of the archive as a collection of ‘inanimate fossils’, where even in its entirety is only an illusion of history and presents just traces of reality. By looking at the Catalyst Arts archive and its unruly nature, there is potential to challenge the politics and power dynamics of the traditional archive which rigidly depends on data organisation such as standardisation and categorisation. These are systems put in place to streamline the varied and eradicate difference, which ultimately erases the value of difference. So when there are multiple histories and no agreed narratives, there is a possibility to offer archive alternatives, by acknowledging the subjective, intimate and personal, essentially the ‘unarchivable’.

This is an exhibition of many voices with invited artists Alice Rekab, artist-in-residence Nollaig Molloy, Matthew Wilson, The Department of Ultimology, the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing, Frances Whorrall-Campbell and the Artist-Led Archive.

This programme is supported by ACNI and Art Fund

Catalyst Arts, Ground Floor, 5 College Court, Belfast BT1 6BS

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