National Lottery Project of The Year Award – Beyond Skin shortlisted

Beyond Skin’s music collaboration project featuring young musicians from Northern Ireland & Afghanistan has been shortlisted for the UK National Lottery Project of the Year Awards. The only arts project from Northern Ireland to be shortlisted.

Everyone at Beyond Skin is delighted at this recognition but obviously it comes at a time when friends of the organisation in Afghanistan face an uncertain future and many musicians/artists are at risk.

Beyond Skin has considered this carefully and on advice from the director of Afghanistan National Institute of Music the oranisation has decided to share and promote this achievement.

It must be noted that the shortlist decision was made before the fall of Afghanistan and that the vote for Beyond Skin is due to its status as the UK organisation in receipt of the Lottery Support.

This project was made possible by many talented people from Northern Ireland, England & Afghanistan. Special praise must go to musicians Eadaoin, Edythe, Enya, Niamh, Eimear, Ciara, Claire (Traditional Arts Partnership), Cara & Kaya and members of Afghan Women’s Orchestra. Also thanks to WOMAD Foundation & Factor Law who also equally helped to fund the project alongside investment from the Arts Council Northern Ireland Lottery Programme.

People can vote at the following link:

On Twitter & Instagram please share & support with the hashtag #NLABeyondSkin Twitter @beyondskin Instagram @beyondskinmedia @LottoGoodCauses

Links to videos and more about the project


Our friends in Afghanistan have had their freedoms & choice taken away to play music and make art. Many fear for their lives. We see this Award as an opportunity to ensure the call for help from musicians/artists and their families are not forgotten and remains a priority for the international community to find solutions to help our global neighbours and to protect the 5 Music Rights for everyone.We call on the music community to come together and help.

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