Virtual Online Workshop – Suzuki Training Technique – 16 Oct

Smashing Times are delighted to host the world-famous SITI Company as part of the 2021 Dublin Arts and Human Rights festival. SITI will present a three-hour virtual online workshop consisting of one hour based on the Suzuki Training Technique, one hour of Viewpoints training followed by a one-hour talk/interview with Ellen Lauren of the SITI company and ending with a virtual Q and A. As part of the talk presentation Ellen will provide an overview of SITI, who they are and the work they do and will speak about the ongoing work of SITI Company in relation to linking artistic practice to equality, inclusivity, and cultural diversity. It is hoped we will all share experiences, lessons and ways forward.

This session is in two-parts. Part one is a practical based training workshop engagement that requires active physical engagement for training related to the Suzuki technique and Viewpoints. Part two is a talk and Q and A. The session runs for three hours with breaks incorporated. The workshops moderator is Michael McCabe, Smashing Times and the workshop facilitator and guest speaker is Ellen Lauren of SITI.

The workshop will take place from 5-8pm Irish time on Saturday 16 October. Tickets €20. Available at the link below

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