PS² – FREE RADICALS video installation – Robin Price – to 8 Jan 2022

Robin Price, video still

14 Dec 2021 – 08 Jan 2022

Mid project opening:Thurs 06, January 2022, 6-9pm

What happened to PS²?
Is it a club now?

It is all there in Final mix 2.MP4, a 25min long video, projected large with bright, exaggerated colours, flashes of rushed images, dreamlike sequences, injected into your body with the power of a subwoofer drugged soundtrack. Club culture.
Happy Picture Horror on speed.

But, in this hectic flow of comforting overstimulation there are pockets of doubt, sections of reduced visual information and questions, blended in with subtitles: ‘Have you ever used theory as a crutch? Have you read Sartre? Have you read Foucault?’

With this project, produced under short notice and the guideline, not to ‘overthink’ the process, Robin Price goes back to his past and his experience with club culture, raves and DJing. For the artist, physicist and musician, clubs are places of cultural dissemination, or more poignant: living contemporary galleries.

Opposite the large projection are two smaller ones, tucked away in a corner: TV NIGHTMARE.MP4 &  HORN NIGHTMARE.MP4 –  a video diptych from a forthcoming collection ‘Why make work in Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon?’

As if sent to the naughty step, these short singular image and lens shaped projections, show two major pieces of work by Robin Price, which were either cut short by a gallery or withdrawn by a local authority: obstructed from view behind panels the first, fenced in the other. These past artworks were not failures by the artist, quite the opposite, but  shameful failures of the organisations. Treated with the same visual means as the large scale work, these two videos address personal and institutional doubt. At the same time, the videos recycle these set-backs, creating new, relevant work.

Robin Price subverts the aesthetics of club culture, shifting away from a happy clean techno world to one dealing with personal nightmares, questions and meltdowns, beautifully shimmering in the vestibule of hell, cooled down with a heavy sound.

FREE RADICALS invites visitors to check their ability and urge to connect with the work. This could be through movement and dance or through associations and ideas in order to create a new element/ collaborative piece of work, by it through text, imagery, sound, coding, ambient design, movement…

This short project is linked with the previous project spaced out and in-between by Janie Doherty, inviting the visitor to react, either through dance and movement or suggestions for collaborations.

Robin Price is an artist-inventor, trans-disciplinary physicist, musician and cat enthusiast. He holds an MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the University of Wales, Swansea and a PhD in Composition and Creative Practice from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Robin Price is part of the 3rd cohort of artists of the PS² Freelands Artist Programme 2021/22.

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