Class 23: Automatic Writing & The Cut-Up Technique – starts 23 Jan



This multi-session workshop, presented by transdisciplinary artist Elizabeth Short, explores the intersectional techniques of the cut-up alongside automatic writing and text generation; its uses, legacies, and potentialities to create work, explore existing text, and overcome writer’s block.

These sessions conducted over Zoom will largely be exercised based, whilst touching briefly on the historical movements that have used these praxis; from the Surrealists to the Beat writers and beyond.

The workshop aims to equip the participants with a brief introduction to the cut-up technique and automatic writing process; giving them tools that they can apply to their own creative writing practice.

Equipment requirements would be standard writing stationery that the individual would normally use, plus an opaque marker pen, sellotape, and scissors.

Venue: Online over Zoom
Date: January 23rd * For a Month of Sundays + Voluntary Sessions *
Time: 7-8pm
Cost: Free

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