PS²: Swims Diary – James King – 11 to 15 Jan

James King, charcoal drawing

drawings and texts around open sea swimming/ publication

This short project will show a selection of drawings and diary notices which the artists recently compiled for a publication. In the past, James King has been a passionate year round open water swimmer in the sea. He writes:

‘The swims took place over two years and three months, 1984-1986. The diary records the final eight months. Approximately ninety entries. This year and last year [2020/21] I did a charcoal drawing for each entry and wrote a “reflection”. Sometimes a little poem, sometimes clarification of the diary entry (for these entries were maintained in note form), sometimes something philosophical.’

James King recently published the drawings and accompanying texts in a book: ‘Swims Diary, Glenarm’, 2020. He paired each text with an A4 sized charcoal drawing, depicting the seascape in different weather, often with a swimmer amidst the water.

Known as a performance artist and sound-poet, this short project will give an insight into the artist’s connection with nature and the sea and his ability to translate this into words and images.

Around 20 drawings will be shown and you can purchase the publication, all the proceeds will go to a Charity.


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