Digital Officer at Belfast Print Workshop

Role of Digital Officer: Reporting to the Board of Trustees.

Belfast Print Workshop (BPW) is delighted to have been awarded 3 years funding from the Future Foundations Art Work Programme to secure the new role of Digital Officer at the workshop.

BPW will offer one talented individual, employment and immersion in a fully creative environment to develop and implement a digital management programme. As a shared artist’s studio workspace, with a current membership of 63 artists, alongside visiting artists, studio events and exhibitions the potential for creative development is vast. As an established and well respected art hub in the city centre, the Belfast Print Workshop offers a structured opportunity within which to advance creative industry knowledge within the visual arts. The post holder will work within all areas of the organisation’s diverse range of activity and programmes. The role will have a digital focus and use new technologies and resources to garner further audience reach and deeper engagement with audiences.

Our hope would be to build on our initial and recent advancement in the use of website led interactions and develop a stronger use of web presence to market, engage and develop audience interaction both digitally and in real life. The skill development opportunities within this newly created role will offer the post holder some freedom to research and trial their own design skills. There will be prescribed tasks and objective based work alongside the potential opportunity to try new formats and approaches.

Does creating digital content for over 60 artists and their shared studio sound like a positive challenge?

Do you think you can take a relatively low profile online platform and raise it to where it should be?

Can you demonstrate how you understand the link between good website management and social media activity increasing engagement both digitally and in real life?

Do you find artists inspiring?

What does audience engagement mean to you?

Are you 100% proficient in use of the Squarespace platform, and social media platforms including but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Can you signpost us to your work online?

Can you demonstrate how you can plan and work on long term projects and navigate a programme of work?

Responsibilities will include:

  • Project Management – Develop a programme to update and maintain the website. The three key functions of the website are to sell courses, memberships and prints.
  • Website Maintenance – To ensure the functionality of the website is entirely correct.
  • Social Media – To develop a posting calendar and schedule – organise a structured approach to social media planning and posting.
  • Relationship Building – To develop a relationship with the staff and members to populate a content creation schedule. Staying up to date with key events and programmes and membership activity.
  • Skill Development – To attend Future Foundation development events and integrate with the Future Foundations community.
  • Content Creation – To generate video, stills and accompanying narrative for a range of content types.
  • Content Bank – To ensure a ‘content bank’ in maintained that will ensure no gaps in online communications.
  • Content Development – If necessary to attend training workshops to develop skills in using new technologies in generating content.
  • Software Research – Our digital archive software will require integration to our website for online viewing within the timescale of the employment period. This role will involve some research in the integration of the archive software to our site.

To apply

This is a full time employed position with flexible working terms. The Future Foundation fund offers a remuneration package of no lower than living wage level. Our studio is open 7 days per week and the role is flexible and can accommodate hours as required. We are looking for quite a unique person to take this position and establish this role and establish this role and project. Please apply in writing sending a cover letter and c.v. to




7 Donegall Street Place, Donegall Street, Belfast. Northern Ireland. BT1 2FN
TEL: (Josh) +44(0)7735732741 – (Steven) +44(0)7929708710

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