The Daughters of Róisín – 9 Feb

Confined to a room for nine months in a house she once called her home. The Daughters of Róisín is a poignant ode to Ireland’s hidden past that explores the church and state-sanctioned abuse against women over the last 100 years. Wee Yarn Productions invite you to witness and journey with this forsaken Daughter of Ireland.

Wee Yarn Productions is a theatre company founded by Cahal Clarke and Aoibh Johnson in 2019. They completed a tour of this production in Australia in 2020, only to have had their wings clipped with the pandemic’s impact on the theatre industry.

They are back now to re-produce the play in Ireland, and only hope to continue making new work and engaging with the industry at home.

“We are committed to producing professional theatre that explores, questions and illuminates our world and the stories which bind us. New writing is our main focus, with no story being too big or too small. We are excited by the use of space, and how our surroundings shape our experiences. At Wee Yarn productions, we place the audience at the centre of our work. We invite our audiences not only to spectate but to participate and most importantly, to witness.”

”This is an Irish play, but the themes of the play transcend the Irish narrative. It challenges our views on the treatment of women in the past, and reveals how the stories still echo” -Cahal Clarke – Director
“Powerfully and brilliantly executed. Believe me. This is more than special. This is inspired genius at every level. Don’t miss it.” – Bernadette McAliskey (Civil Rights Activist and Leader)
(Five stars)
“Aoibh Johnson has a captivating presence. See this, if you enjoy theatre where an actor can ply her craft with great care and give all of herself to each moment.” – The Adelaide Show
“The Daughters of Róisín is a heart-wrenching metaphorical drama. Seeing it once might just not be enough.” Everything Theatre, London.

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