A door, a picture frame and the number 52 – 6 Apr to 20 May

Built on four years of work with Belfast Exposed, Paul McCabe brings A door, a picture frame and the number 52 to the Studio Gallery, in association with the Healing Through Photography Conference.

Born and based in Belfast, McCabe is a photographer whose practice is a tool to explore his inner thoughts and emotions, combining the use of various symbols that explore his own journey and struggles with mental health.

Having worked with Belfast Exposed for several years to expand his creative practice and develop his photography, McCabe’s images provide both himself and the viewer with an insight into the artist’s mind. With passion and creativity, McCabe’s work demonstrates the powerful tool for communication that photography can be. By sharing his story and experiences through art, McCabe hopes to support others with their recovery.

‘Suffering trauma as a young boy changed the way I saw the world. Unknowingly to me, I was using art to express how I was feeling at the time, this has been constant in my work since and this project is no different. Using symbolism, I was able to open a door of communication combining talk therapy and photography as tools to break down the walls my trauma had put up’ 

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