fully conscious movements, fully different time – 25 Mar to 29 May

25/03/23- 20/05/23

In March 2023 The Golden Thread Gallery will present new work in the project space by Dorothy Hunter titled fully conscious movements, fully different time. Having been awarded ACES from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the exhibition in the Project Space will focus on the changing underground terrain in the caves of Fermanagh and Cavan, through video and installation artwork. Hunter uses careful interventions within her installations, creating space to contemplate different geographic sites and aid our interpretation of time and space. She is interested in different modes of displaying artwork and the act of collecting.

“Geographic sites (such as the caves) can be embodiments or agitators in chronopolitics, as arenas of conflicting means of marking time; so can visual art as cultural phenomena. For this reason place, the “encoding” of events within it, and modes of display are key elements of my practice.”
D.Hunter Jan 2023

More information: https://www.goldenthreadgallery.co.uk/2023/news/dorothy-hunter/

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