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Current Project Work

This year, 12 years on, a not so youthful co-ordinator is very excited to welcome new groups from outside the Belfast area into the programme, as well as some old friends who have taken part in the past.

Project co-ordinator Sally has a chance to get her hands dirty along with Claire Concannon and dance tutor Sheena Bleakney as Ledley Hall Boys and Girls Club is currently working with the Marrowbone Community Centre on a cross city project making eye poppingly neon bright masks and accessories, which they hope to wear whilst performing in sister programme Trash Fashion’s annual show later this year.

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ledley-and-marrowbone1  ledley-and-marrowbone2  ledley-make-a-mess

Videos of Ledley Hall and Marrowbone Community Centre particpants enjoying their workshops!

Glenveagh School and their enthusiastic teacher Mrs Winnie Sweeney are working with super new (to us anyway!) artist Clare Brown on a virtual tour of the world, making masks and artefacts from different continents, which Clare (also an excellent photographer) will capture digitally: printed portraits with the young people wearing their masks will form part of a final display in the school.

Saints Youth Club in Twinbrook, just on the cusp of Belfast and Lisburn, will be working with Carnival artist Janice Steadman to make two large scale puppets, which will hopefully act as mascots for the club and decorate its newly re-furbished interior. This project will kick off late February/early March.

Cliftonville Community Centre after schools’ group just couldn’t make up their mind over what they wanted to do, so have wisely taken the option to try taster sessions in three art forms! Over a period of three and a bit weeks they will work with Sheena Bleakney on dance; musician from the Beat Carnival, Matt Vernon on drumming, and with two brand spanking new visual artists, Ali Fell and Kirsty McGuinness on visual arts with a multi-cultural theme. Photos documenting the workshops and finished pieces from the visual arts sessions will be put on display in the centre to remind the young participants and staff of just how busy they were!

Ballymoney Community Resource Centre is the furthest afield of all Masque groups and promises much exploration of uncharted territory for our intrepid co-ordinator, who rarely ventures anywhere off a metro bus route. Talented young people from this centre have been meeting every other Saturday to learn and perform in a “Rock School” run by Ossia School of Music: deciding to stretch their talents to the extreme they have now made up their minds to try throwing a spot of drama into the performing mix. All going well, and providing no-one gets lost on the way, participants are meeting up with Project co-ordinator this month to draw up a timetable and workshop plan. Watch this space!

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