Glór Na Móna and project artist Fiona Ní Mhaoilir

Landmarks’ project with Glór Na Móna and project artist Fiona Ní Mhaoilir.

Fiona took the budding young artists, sketchbooks at the ready to visit Platform Arts and the MAC to see the latest conceptual fine art exhibitions.

Inspired and energised by this experience they started to create a visual and text based newsletter for their centre that will be printed in due course. They looked at Conceptualism and Surrealism then fabricated an art installation for their centre. The work was then documented and translated into a visual and Irish language newsletter. Large scale digital prints were also created for their centre that related to their creative experience.

Glór Na Móna 1
Glór Na Móna participants working with Fiona
Glór Na Móna 2
‘CAPtivated’ Glór Na Móna particpants
landmarks Glor na Mona artwork
Under the Sea with Glór Na Móna
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