Stephanie Conn – ‘On Visiting The Island of my Ancestors’



‘On Visiting The Island of my Ancestors’ is Stephanie Conn´s latest poem.

Stephanie, who participated in the CAP workshop, said:

The poem was written after my first visit to Copeland Island, off Donaghadee, Co.Down, where my great-great grandparents (Esther and Richard Clegg) were both born and lived their whole lives.

I have been researching and writing about the island and my ancestors but this was the first time I made it across.”


On Visiting the Island of my Ancestors

Copeland Island, County Down

A hand gripped, then pulled, to lift my body
from the boat. My foot finds the moving metal
grille, slips on sea-green fibres. I watch my step.

The land is cushion-soft and punctured by rabbit holes.
The field by the shore sprouts patches of rigid grass
and bluebells. On the hill there is a scattering

of broken shell and bone. The skull of a small bird,
stripped bare, reveals teeth at the end of the beak,
eye-socket shaped spaces. The brain’s imprint remains.

A single step is enough the send a flock of black-
capped Eider duck to the sky, their green napes
flashing. Their cries are long and hoarse.

I taste salt at the back of my throat, raise cold hands
to my ears to drown out the screech the gulls
are making, keep clear of the south-facing cliffs;

the dive and swoop and squawk of them draws me in.
Exposed nests litter the rocks, soften the lichen-covered
ridges, hold blue-grey speckled eggs, in threes.

Five steps back, and silent, I watch one crack –
see shadows shift behind the splitting case, before
a tiny beak emerges – opens and closes, opens again.

Stephanie Conn.

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