CAPtain’s Blog – ‘The big question?’


I work for an organisation that has assisted community groups across Belfast and Northern Ireland, understand some of their creative potential and along the way we have assisted hundreds of thousands of people access a better understanding of community arts and directly supported the participation of over 50,000. We have garnered over 1.2M people as an audiences and reached over 70M hits in terms of our website. We have facilitated thousands of workshops in 250 schools, 1,500 community groups, in shopping centres, city parks, in pubs and clubs, church halls, special schools, hospitals, residential homes, day-care facilities, in Lord Mayors’ parades, markets, in church fêtes, street carnivals, in back alleys, in arts centres, theatres and symphony halls. We have trained and inducted well over 2,000 artists in that time too, growing the knowledge and skills based of community arts.

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