PICAS – Audit and Mapping current provision of Intercultural Arts

Community Arts Partnership (CAP) and its Programme for Intercultural Arts Support (PICAS) programme, wishes to explore, on behalf of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the potential of an intercultural approach to arts development in communities, councils and agencies across Northern Ireland.

In both the NI Executive’s Together Building a United Community (TBUC) policy and the Racial Equality Strategy (RES), interculturalism has been identified as an approach widely regarded as a highly impactful method to enhance social inclusion. It is hoped to mainstream this complementary approach to mitigate perceived or actual weaknesses, especially in ethnic/cultural relations, which may hinder social cohesion and inclusion.

Intercultural arts seek to support people with different nationalities, ethnic origins, languages, religions or beliefs. Interculturalism regards diversity positively, as a resource that both actively combats racism and discrimination and promotes inclusion in governance, programming and services, to support the needs of a diverse and engaged population.

Thank you for participating in this survey,
Conor Shields, CEO at Community Arts Partnership
Charo Lanao, PICAS coordinator



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