Croft Community – October update

Lucy Turner is the Artist Facilitator for the Landmarks project taking place in the Croft Community, Bangor.

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Their project started a few weeks ago and they are creating a mosaic to compliment the ‘animal petting corner’ within the Croft complex.

The participants decided to create a series of small/medium framed mosaics to be salon hung on the burnt orange gable wall in their centre. This allows smaller groups to work on individual pieces with their support workers.

Lucy started the process by inviting the artists within the group to make their suggestions for words images colour ways etc. Mindful that safeguarding and wellbeing is central, they decided to use found objects and small square glass tiles rather than broken domestic tiles.

The participants are enthusiastic and are developing some lovely patterns. So far, they have also completed a series of air dry tiles with all participants names embedded and are ready to create a mosaic based on ‘home’, which will be completed over the next few weeks.

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