Introducing ‘Use it’

PICAS’ new project, Use it, will see 6 artists from different backgrounds and artforms, working with 3 Belfast community groups: Fortwilliam Fold, Black Mountain Action Group and Skyway Club.

The artists and groups will work on an intercultural project during the next 3 months. ‘Use it’ is funded by Belfast City Council, Good Relations under the theme of cultural expression.

During the first ‘Use It’ meeting, artists got to know more about the project they will be involved in the next 3 months.

The Purpose

Community leaders, artists/arts facilitators and participants will work towards creating art at the same time as consciously looking at how to navigate through difference while each participant will develop empathy skills as well as creative and interpersonal skills and cultural competency. Community leaders and artists will pair up to learn from each other and explore possibilities for collaboration

CAP is committed to develop already existing intercultural champions, those people who have already attended the PICAS intercultural training.

How are we doing it

  • CAP will match community groups/organisations with an artist
  • Funding will cover artists’ fee of 15 hours contact time and materials
  • CAP will organise a meeting with the artists and community activist/leader to discuss the session plans and collaboration
  • CAP will organise a project showcase to present the art work created but also to share learning, for participants, community activists and artists
  • There will be space for reflection on what went well and what could be improved in the preparation, delivery and post-production

Funded by the Belfast City Council Good Relations Small Grants.

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