Use it Showcase – 28 Mar

The “Use It” Showcase, held at the Arts Resource Centre, brought together artists, participants and friends to unveil the artworks produced by the participating organisations in this unique intercultural project

Mayte Segura and Iolanda Rocha, working with the Fortwilliam Fold Tenants Association showcased dance moves for older people, particularly those with limited mobility, Cony Ortiz and Gareth Moore, unveiled the Tree of Empathy mosaic and linen wall hangings produced by the young people from the Black Mountain Action Youth Group and the Skyway clubs all abilities group, working with artists Diane Wilson and |Homyra Kianirad showcased wall hangings.

The discussion following each presentation centred on how the groups and the artists, using Intercultural arts practice were able to develop skills as well as cultural competencies through looking at difference and exploring commonality.

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