The Skyway Club in the Tropical Ravine

Members from The Skyway Club meet on Monday mornings for their Landmark project, lead by Artist/Facilitator Carole Kane.

Some time ago, they worked on a project in the Tropical Ravine in Botanic Gardens, Belfast. Jan Carson (who is now CAPs Literature and Verbal Arts project coordinator) worked with them to develop poetry which will feature in the Tropical Ravine when it is open to the public.

These words about strawberries, flowers and cut grass, paved the way for the group to visit the Palm House in Botanic Gardens to look for inspiration for further artwork for their Landmarks project.

The group visited the Tropical Ravine last week to take photographs. Their images will inspire textile hangings which they plan to make in the coming weeks. Everyone was intrigued by the bright colours, gaudy shapes of the leaves and range of healthy colours and the groups is looking forward to seeing how these pieces will turn out in the coming weeks.

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