Self-confidence grows St Peter’s Immaculate, Belfast

A very boisterous, but enthusiastic group from the youth club at St Peter’s Immaculate Church, Belfast is taking part in the Landmarks project under the facilitation of Community Artist Sally Young.

They work best in small bursts, or on short activities, sometimes doing two different activities in one night. They seem to prefer to work individually, but Sally has been able to get them to work together on a few bigger pieces to display in the centre. The main theme is along the lines of confidence building/ personal development, as although they are lively group, individually they are not so confident in themselves. The Staff at the centre is supportive and generally stay with Sally and the group throughout the session, which is good practice for all of CAP projects.

So far they have decorated small canvasses with an autumnal theme, made “carnival” style masks for Halloween and willow lanterns. They have made a group piece based on the idea of “Friendship, a large canvas collaged with shades of grey paint and newspapers with a wooden jigsaw heart in the middle that they each decorated colourfully with felt tips. It has the message “life is grey without friends in your heart”.

Since they appear to work better on small individual activities for the remaining sessions, Sally wants to introduce them to oil printed portraits that she can put together to make a larger scale banner. This might get them talking about themselves, their likes, dislikes…learning a wee bit more about each other.

Closer to Christmas, they will make something glittery to take home. Who doesn’t like a bit of glitter?!

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