Vision 2020 – looking to the future

Vote Creativity!

Great News! Community Arts Partnership (CAP) is starting its 20th anniversary celebrations this year and to mark the year, we are unveiling a brand new Community Engagement Programme. Thanks to our principal funder, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and to Belfast City Council for its continuing support, CAP is offering the 20:20 Vision

Since New Belfast Community Arts Initiative began in 1999/2000 we have supported over 80,000 participants, over 4,500 artist assignments in community arts locally.  Last year alone we had 5,500 participants on projects.

20:20 Vision – looking to the future

In providing true community arts engagement, promoting creativity and supporting wellbeing, community cohesion and cultural democracy, CAP is giving a fantastic birthday present to 20 eligible community groups and associations. That’s right, we’re giving 20 groups the opportunity to take part in our birthday programme with artists’ costs* and their project budgets** supported by CAP. Community groups just undertake to attend inductions, host participation and support some incidental costs along the way and take part in our finale celebrations next year!

Our 20:20 programme offers an alternative vision of how we can come together creatively – with a further 20 group projects*** focused on inter-community and inter-ability relations, deepening our understanding of others and our shared vision for a better future.

What does ‘20:20 Vision’ mean to you and your community, your school, your world?

Through our programme, we will assist participants’ emerging artistic visions for a better world: We’ll champion local causes and issues, global causes and responsibilities, and issues that speak to equality and inclusivity about our time and our place.

We want to help you celebrate the best and transform the rest!

All our projects where possible, reduce, reuse and recycle, promoting ecological values and sustainability and we always aim to find the most inclusive means of being creative, sensitive and supportive.

Vote Creativity and indicate your preferences via our easy sign up below.

Join the party and vote creativity with us and together we can create a better future!

*  budget set, subject to funding
** budget set, subject to funding
*** subject to funding, CAP reserves final decision on all participating groups.

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